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About Us

Located in the beautiful waterfront neighborhood of Solomons, Maryland, our community is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, rehabilitation, attention and love to all residents. We focus on helping each resident reach their maximum potential. Family members tell us often how much they appreciate knowing that their loved one is in trustworthy, caring hands. We deliver fullness of life to each resident and comforting peace of mind to each family member. Staff and other residents quickly befriend new residents, becoming an extended family. We believe when we empower and nurture each employee providing support, training and freedom to love and care for residents; residents and families receive the best experience possible.

Solomons Nursing Center is proud to announce that our newly added 12 private room rehabilitation area, “The Lodge,”  is now open soon to serve your rehab needs for physical, occupational and speech therapy.  The rooms all contain their own bathroom, flat screen television and refrigerator.  The common area is furnished with its own separate dining and living room with fireplace for your convenience and comfort.  Please call or just drop in to have a tour of our beautiful 5 star facility.  We encourage you to look on the CMS website: https://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/search.html and view our 5 star rating!  Please click on link below to see a video of “The Lodge.”


We invite you to call or stop by for a tour of our beautiful community located at:

How do I get started in determining the right facility for myself or a loved one?

Get started by including your family. If possible, tour the facilities you are considering. Arrive unannounced to schedule a tour. During your tour, see if the residents are well cared for. Note if the residents are clean and dressed, if staff members are respectful and attentive to the needs of the residents, the condition of the rooms and the general atmosphere of the nursing home. As you tour the facility, look, smell and listen. How does the facility look? Is it clean? Are hallways and resident areas clean and clutter free? How does the facility smell? Sometimes a strong room freshener may be masking other odors. Does the facility have an unobtrusive smell or natural smell? Listen to interactions between residents and staff. Do staff address residents by name? Are interactions friendly?
Become an informed consumer, research and compare facilities on-line. Discuss survey results and information obtained with the admission coordinator when visiting facilities.
What should I look for when choosing a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center?

For short-term stays focused on rehabilitating a patient home, ask the center about its successful outcomes treating patients with your or your loved one’s illness, injury or disease. Ask about the staff’s knowledge about post-hospital care. Tour the center for cleanliness, friendliness of staff and amenities that are important to you. Ask to sample food and visit with patients similar to you or your loved one.
What are the different levels of care available at Solomons Nursing Center?

Solomons Nursing Center offers short term rehabilitation services, long term care services, Palliative care and Respite care. Short term rehabilitation services are for those recovering from illness, injury or surgery and need additional medical and rehabilitative therapies before successfully transitioning from hospital to home. In addition, some residents choose to make a skilled nursing center their permanent home. In this case, it usually means residents need medical supervision and support that can no longer be provided at home safely. This type of care is referred to as long term care services. Palliative care is available for residents diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Solomons staff works in conjunction with Hospice to provide the physical, emotional and spiritual support needed for residents and their families to help work through this challenging time. Respite care is designed to provide caregivers with a continuation of care in a safe environment, to allow the caregiver time away for personal or business reasons.
What is Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 or older, or people under 65 with certain disabilities, or end-stage renal disease. Medicare does not cover all expenses and is not designed to pay for long-term custodial care, so it is important to understand the program. For patients meeting requirements, Medicare helps cover the costs for hospital stays, skilled nursing home stays up to 100 days and Hospice care. Our Admission Director and/or Business Office staff will be happy to provide you with current rates and coverage.
What is Medicaid?

The Medicaid program provides medical benefits to low-income people who have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance. The federal government establishes general guidelines for the program, but each state establishes the program’s requirements including eligibility. You can find out more about the Medicaid program through cms.gov or by talking to our Admissions Director or Business Office.
As a caregiver, I feel I need some help. Where can I turn to?

As the child or spouse of an aging or ill loved one, guilt or fear may prevent you from getting the help you need. Our admissions team will be happy to provide you with literature support, community support programs and information about our services, including respite care, to help you take a break and get the rest you may need.
What should I think about when moving a loved one into a long-term care setting?

Making the move to a long-term care setting can be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. To help you and your loved one get acquainted with the center, make sure you discuss these items with the health care providers so they can help make the transition as smooth as possible. What are the resident’s diet likes and dislikes? How mobile is he/she? How much can he/she manage her personal care and hygiene? What were his/her former living conditions like? What support did he/she have? What role does religion play in your loved one’s life? What are your loved one’s routines and habits, as well as hobbies? What about mental capacity? Does your loved one fear new surroundings? Does she socialize easily? At Solomons Nursing Center we strive to maintain a home-like environment. We strongly encourage family members to bring in items from home that will help the resident to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. We encourage hanging pictures, and providing that special quilt or piece of furniture that comforts the resident. Foods from home are always appreciated by residents. When bringing food into facility, please place in air tight containers and label with resident’s name and date the food provided.
Visiting my loved one at a long-term care center is difficult. How can I make it more enjoyable and fulfilling for both of us?

Visitors are very important to our residents, and a well-planned visit can be rewarding for both of you. When visiting a loved one, talk to the staff about the best time to visit your loved one. Coach your children on what to expect, and plan an activity such as working on a photo album, writing letters, playing cards or a game, or eating a meal together. If your loved one can manage, plan an activity outside of the center. Talk to the facility about bringing in the family pet. A copy of shot records must be provided prior to animals visiting.
What are the visiting hours?

Suggested visiting hours are between 8 am and 8 pm. The Nursing Center is secured (locked) from 8 pm to 8 am each day. However, family members can still visit after the building is secured. Access can be gained through the front entrance, utilizing the buzzer and requesting staff to allow you access. It is suggested that you call the facility prior to arriving, so they will be aware of your upcoming visit and be prepared to let you in, as they are busy providing resident care. After-hour visitors are asked to be aware that other residents are sleeping and to keep visits from intruding on roommates and/or other residents.
What is included in the room and board rate?

Inclusive in the room and board rate is basic nursing service, housekeeping, lighting, heating & air-conditioning, activities suited to the person’s interests, social services, laundry (linens & towels), maintenance on provided equipment, Dietitian services and special Diets if needed.  Not included in the basic rate will be medications, supplements, Physician visit fees, therapy costs, barber & beauty charges, transportation charges, telephone, television services and other miscellaneous charges. Please check the rate schedule for these fees or ask the admission coordinator.
Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Solomons Nursing Center is certified to receive payment from both Medicare & Medicaid programs. The Center also participates with several Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). We do not participate with any Long Term Care Insurance plans but we are willing to assist you in completing forms or providing information for the submission of your claims to an insurance company. Any questions you have in regards to insurances or billing questions can be made to the Business office, located in the Administrative area at the front entrance of the Nursing Center.
How do I get my mail?

Once a resident is admitted to the facility, go to your local Postal Service and complete a change of address notification. Resident mail will then be directed to the facility and our activity staff or volunteers will deliver the mail to individual resident rooms. All mail will be delivered unopened to residents unless otherwise directed by resident or responsible party.
Can I bring my own medications?

Federal and State regulations do not permit a person or family member to bring medications from home to be administered by our staff. All medications must be provided by a licensed Pharmacy within the State of Maryland. A person who wishes to have their medications come from a local pharmacy, must make arrangements made through the Director of Nursing or Administrator.
Who do I talk to about a complaint?

Please direct any questions and complaints to the Unit Manager. They will coordinate with the Director of Nursing, the Social Worker, and/or the Administrator to resolve any issues. If the Unit Manager is unavailable, you may always request to talk with the Nursing Supervisor or Social Worker. You may also contact the Director of Nursing or the Administrator directly.
Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Yes, home visits are encouraged. There may be restrictions or conditions that may be placed by the Physician or the medications that must be taken at a particular time. Residents’ families are requested to coordinate the outing with the Unit Manager before leaving the Center to coordinate obtaining and organizing any medications that may be needed from the pharmacy.
How often will my loved one see a doctor while in the facility?

A resident will be seen by the Attending Physician or the Nurse Practitioner within 30 days of admission and every thirty days thereafter for the first 90 days. The Physician can go to a 60 day visitation cycle if the resident’s condition warrants. Residents may also have appointments with consulting physicians. These visits may take place in-house or residents may go to physician offices for these visits.
Do you offer transportation?

Solomons Nursing Center does have agreements with other Medical providers offering services to the residents. Our facility van is equipped with a wheelchair lift and is designed to transport our residents to their various appointments or outings with the Activity Department.  Arrangements for transportation can be made through the Transportation Manager. Please check the Rate Schedule for fees.
I have 100 days coverage under Medicare, why will it not cover for my stay at Solomons Nursing Center?

Medicare coverage can last as long as 100 days. However, 100 days coverage is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the resident’s medical condition and the need to have skilled nursing services provided on a daily basis. Typically, Medicare will cover an eligible person fully for the first 20 days. From the 21st day until 100th day, there is a co-pay arrangement where Medicare will pay part of the cost and the resident will pay part of the cost. Coverage under Medicare is complicated and any questions about coverage should be directed to the Admissions Office and/or the Business Office.

Solomons Rehab and Care Center and The Hermitage at Solomons are quality employers with low staff turnover and offer employees the opportunity to grow and serve in an encouraging work environment. Several staff members have been with Solomons for more than a decade. If you’re interested in seeking employment, please contact us.

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Mission & Vision

The Hermitage at Solomons

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of care and enhance the quality of life for our residents. This is the measure of everything we do. Sensitivity to individual needs is of prime importance and is our motivating force in the way we provide care. Our focus is to build self-esteem, encourage independence and maintain the dignity of all those with whom we come in contact. We strive to make your difficult decisions as easy as possible. Our trained staff is always here to meet your needs. In addition to homelike living accommodations, our staff is available to assist you when you need. All residents enjoy private efficiency apartments with private bathrooms. This concept was created for residents who wish to maintain their independence yet need to have 24 hour assistance available for daily living needs. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for your interest in The Hermitage at Solomons.

Solomons Rehab and Care Center



To provide a climate that enables us to demonstrate compassion and accountability on a continual basis to all residents.


Integrity Our foundation is based on the soundness of and adherence to moral principles and ethics. These include honesty, justice, and the inherent worth of each individual. This prompts us to demonstrate respect to everyone with whom we interact, and acknowledge his or her unique contribution. Our decision-making is guided by fairness, good judgement, and sound fiscal practices.

Unity Each individual is an integral part of Solomons Rehab and Care Center. This enables us to demonstrate singleness of purpose and action, which will lead to loyalty. We foster teamwork, consistency, and continuity.

Communication We strive to provide an atmosphere conductive to the effectiveness of our thoughts, feelings, and information. We actively encourage this exchange and are responsive to the messages received. We strive to solve problems, not just identify them. Education and training programs are key pathways for exchanging knowledge, expectations, values and skills. Recognition and appreciation for those who have gone beyond the call of duty is advocated.

Creativity The unique ability to conceive a new or better idea and develop it into a workable entity is regarded as an important skill that we seek. Innovation is critical to our success in todays rapidly changing environment.

Commitment We commit to the vision, mission, and values of Solomons Rehab and Care Center.


Non-Discrimination Statement

Solomons Rehab and Care Center is a provider of health services that receive federal funds under Medicare Part A and Medicaid. The services and facilities of the facility operate on a non-discriminatory basis. They are subject to the provisions of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and the Hill Burton Act. These acts prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age and disability. Solomons Rehab and Care Center’s non-discriminatory position applies to admission, provisions of services, assignment of services, granting privileges, accommodations, employment and opportunities to participate in programs and activities. We consider all applicants for admission, employment or any other accommodation equally and fairly, without regard to disability. Our non-discrimination policy applies to employees, customers, vendors, or others who enter our workplace.

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