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Solomons Rehab and Care Center Resident Applicaton

To apply for admission to Solomons Rehab and Care Center, please complete the following application. This application will become part of the Resident Agreement and should be completed in its entirety. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.


General Information:

Name of Prospective Resident:


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Medical Information:


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Needs Assistance with Dressing, Bathing, and Hygiene



Financial Information:

To process your application, the following information is needed concerning the prospective resident's finances. Please indicate the resources which are available to pay for the cost of care. The information supplied will be strictly confidential and will be used to assist you in your long term planning.

Person who will be responsible to ensure that payment is made and made in a timely manner. (The person listed must also sign at time of admission)




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Has anyone been appointed Power of Attorney?

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If yes, Who?

Has anyone been appointed Durable Power of Attorney or Guardian?

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If yes, which & who?

Does the Resident have a Living Will or Advance Directives?

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If the answer to any of the above question is "Yes", please provide Solomons Rehab and Care Center with copies of the documents

Was the applicant admitted to a skilled nursing center or hospital during the last 60 days?

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If yes, provide name and telephone number:

Does the applicant have any other insurance that covers skilled nursing care?

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Has the applicant applied, or will the applicant soon be applying for Medical Assistance?

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If yes, provide Medical Assistance Number:

If the applicant has applied, what was the date:

What county:

Department of Social Service Representative:



Prospective Resident's Monthly Income


Social Security:

Pensions / Annuities:


Interest /

Dividend Income:

Rental Income:

Other Income (specify):

Total Monthly Income:


Prospective Resident's Assets

Cash assets in Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions:

Institution Name:

Balance in account:

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Balance in account:

Institution Name:

Balance in account:

Institution Name:

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Real Estate Assets

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Life Insurance Cash Value -

Any policy with Cash Value?

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Company Name:

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Other assets (Automobile, Business Interests) specify:


Total Assets:

Comments / Notes:


Prospective Resident's Liabilities

Home Mortgage $:

Credt Card Charge Amount $:

Loans $:

Other Debts $:


Taxes Owed $:

Total Liabilities $:

Net Worth (Total Assets - Total Liabilities) $:


Payment Terms and Agreement


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